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How To Stay Safe When Using Kunika Fresh

The world around us is filled with both good and bad, and the same goes for the internet. While we’d all love to believe that those who use the internet are only doing so for good, but it’s wise to accept the fact that sadly this isn’t the case.

But wait! There’s no need for doom and gloom. While the world wide web may not be 100% safe, you can ensure that your experience online is as safe as can be.

Here at Kunika Fresh, we’re serious about safety, especially the safety of our users – both young and old! Find out more about how to stay safe online with our Safety Tips guide.

Keeping kids safe

Kunika Fresh is a top entertainment site that aims to connect you with the best clients and talent possible. Whether you work behind the camera, you’re comfortable on the big screen, or you’re searching for the perfect client, we have it all.

Our site is strictly for users who are over the age of 18, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t able to help young entertainers achieve their dreams.

If you’re a parent or legal guardian with a young star in your midst, you’re welcome to create a Kunika Fresh account and advertise their talents for them. All browsing done on Kunika Fresh must also be done under the supervision of an adult as there may be content not suitable for young eyes.

Are you keen to create an account on behalf of a minor? You as the parent or legal guardian can contact us directly for more information on doing so safely.

5 reasons to use the REPORT button

While browsing Kunika Fresh, you’ll find a report button on every page. We’ve placed this button here to make you feel safe and secure while enjoying our services.

You can use the report button whenever you feel unsafe. Here are 5 specific times we’d love for you to hit that button and alert us to any content or users you feel don’t belong on Kunika Fresh.

  • Crude or offensive language.
  • Suspicious users that make you feel uncomfortable.
  • Misconduct of any kind.
  • Fake or misleading posts.
  • Any posts or users that contradict our Terms of Use.

Our top priority is ensuring that you feel safe and secure while reaching out to those in your industry. Let’s work together as a community to make the local entertainment industry as safe as possible!

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