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How To Create The Perfect Profile With Kunika Fresh

If you’re an artist with a skill to share or a hard worker that makes the magic happen behind the scenes, Kunika Fresh is the perfect place to find that life-changing gig. If you’re simply looking to fill a casting call or promote an upcoming event, place your free classified ad with Kunika Fresh.

One of the best ways to ensure that your skill or ad is seen by the right people is by creating a profile that will leave a lasting impression.

Take a look at our top tips and let Kunika Fresh lead you to the entertainment industry’s very best performers, talent agents, and customers.

Step 1: Choose your category

Once you’ve signed up and you’re ready to create your perfect profile, the first step is choosing the category which suits your needs. The categories listed below are your key to reaching the most relevant people in the entertainment and media industry.

  • Talent – If you’re a dancer, actor, model, musician, extra, or an artist of any sort, use this category to find the perfect job for you. Select the ‘Talent’ category and you’ll find yourself in front of the camera in no time at all.
  • Behind the Scenes – The entertainment industry would be nothing without those who work tirelessly in the background. If you’re a cameraman, gaffer, wedding coordinator, make up artist, or any other creative person that works behind the scenes, select this category to get started.
  • What’s Happening – Do you have a job that needs creative people or an event that is not to be missed? The ‘What’s Happening’ category will be your key to success.

Step 2: Look your best

Kunika Fresh is the free classified ads space you need to truly sell yourself to those in the entertainment industry. If you have a skill that should not be overlooked or you’re hoping to land your big break, you need to ensure that you look and sound your best.

One of the best ways to sell yourself is by adding high-quality photographs and videos of what you do best to your profile. Leave nothing to the imagination and truly show off your best assets.

A high-quality head shot and a full-length photograph can be the difference between being shortlisted for a job or not. Touch up your make up, choose the perfect outfit, and make your backdrop work for you.

If you’re adding a video to your profile, use footage that’s both high quality and showcases your talents to the full. A low-quality video could possibly do more harm than good, so be sure to put your best foot forward whenever possible!

Step 3: Add your references

More than just a place to show off your skills, Kunika Fresh is a place to sell yourself. Ensure that your ad is well written and that your grammar and spelling are correct. This may be a small point, but it provides potential clients with the peace of mind that you’re a professional.

Lastly, ensure that your references are correct and up to date. Add as much detail as possible regarding previous work experience and any relevant work that may just land you your dream job.

Remember, a top-quality profile need not look “corporate”, but being professional is key.

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